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International Photography:

Inspired Photography: Aichi International.

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The inspiration behind Aichi Photography lies in cross cultural perspectives between Japan and the United States of America.

The inspiration behind Aichi International Photography lies in cross cultural perspectives between Japan and the United States of America. This Japanese artist, although strongly influenced by his culture and homeland balances his outlook and artwork on an American education in liberal arts.

Contemporary Japan is considered a highly homogeneous society, this reflects in the Aichi Photography's portrayal of its architecture, landscapes, gardens and culture. Unlike older Japanese photographers, Aichi Photography does not explore the Americanization of Japan through a foreign military presence. The fascinating Aichi's international collection avoids broad emotional depth and simply focuses on cross cultural happenings.

Aichi International Photography embodies a few distinctive Japanese traits; a silent but strong expression that does not reveal itself to the viewer too easily and requires patience. At the same time there are elements of innocence and honesty that elevate these images above simple snapshots of localities. The essence is to share something personal but not dwell too close to offend or invade the privacy of our host.

The artists’ various life experiences and assimilation of American culture play a role as well in the Aichi photography collection. A liberal ‘lens’ on an Asian aperture gives visitors a diverse yet focused insight into various Japanese elements. The objective here is to create a visual guide to best explore the country and to gain the most insight into the diversity and beauty that is projected by its people, its culture and its formation.

Aichi International photography offers a rich, unique experience that transcends boundaries and has largely been neglected in western histories of camerawork. 
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