Gun control debate is discombobulating the libertarian left antiwar alliance

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In Philadelphia someone can lose the right to buy another gun simply because someone reported him beating up his girlfriend. Then she can go to jail for buying him one and their children raised by foster care.

I can imagine that is someone fears they will be shot if they don’t get a gun to protect themselves with they would be more determined to get one then cigarette users would be if tobacco was banned. The prisons are finally beginning to empty out from the cooling of drug war and war against terror but now being pressured to buy an illegal gun is taking their place. I wonder how many people who desperately expect to be shot unless they get a gun to protect themselves with actually are successfully prevented from getting one. Of course if you move to England a robber, store owner or police officer is no longer in fear of being shot.

A friend who is an alcoholic asked me to buy him some vodka, I bought myself a larger one and poured him a cup down the street whether or not I was legal. However when I was 18 I had friends who weren’t and in another state later the drinking age was 21. I was more or less forced to buy a friend cigarettes and managed with a lot of effort for her to smoke only in front of the window fan blowing out in my so-called smoke free apartment. I was never in the position of fearliing being puched or worse if I refused to buy someone cigaretts or vodka. But if a friend was in such a positon would would consider them a victem not a criminal.
Let’s change the law from robbery getting much more illegal when he owns a gun to instead it being much more illegal when it is taken out of a locked gun case. There are fingerprint cases that can actually hold a small gun as a side pouch. A poor robber could carry a gun in a padlocked duffel bag with a combination lock set to open with one turn. The police would not fear someone stealing their gun. Insurance companies including ship companies insuring against pirates make sure their clients don’t injure themselves or the robber, knowing that the next robbery would be far more dangerous with robbers shot,
Spider-man comics started out with spiderweb weapons and there are stun guns and percussion devices to knock someone out.
If Maj. Nidal Hasan who shot up the recruits at Fort Hood going oversea was an al Qaeda plot the female officer who made made him an invalid instead of killing him might have stopped a lot of copy cat al Qaeda events.
Finally 11 libertarian leaning Republicans and 11 liberal leaning Democrats signed last December a joint letter demanding cuts in Pentagon spending. Then came the Elementary School massacre so they are arguing gun control instead.
Let’s try to restart the libertarian left alliance for a more peaceful foreign policy.
Please click on Green ceasefire not gun control,