Fuck The American Dead! What About the Iraqi and Afghan Dead?

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What about the 1.5 million dead Iraq civilians, men, women, and children murdered


Fuck The American Dead! What About the Iraqi and Afghan Dead?

By Lloyd Hart

What about the 1.5 million dead Iraq civilians, men, women, and children murdered in this latest psychotic, violent, american oil theft episode? What about the dead Afghan civilians, men, women, and children murdered and whose bodies keep pilling up despite the blatant fascism puking from the black face on the white house and from his master the pentagon?

Do I have to mention the 500,000 children that Clinton murdered by maintaining the sanctions in the 90s?

As far as I can see every u.s. soldier that died in Iraq and Afghanistan died in absolute shame and every u.s. soldier that comes back from active duty genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan alive should hang their heads in permanent shame.

Barrack Obama only gives a shit about his golden parachute that the scum that rules america gave the Clintons for not criminally investigating the theft of the 2000 election. If the white racist, homophobic crackers that really run america from the pentagon and the oil industry, say dance to Obama, well, Obama is going to dance. "Dance Obama, Dance."

If your an america soldier reading this latest dispatch from impoverished america, wake up, you've been turned into Oil Whores by your bosses and the awful truth is, you let them do it to you. When are you mother fucking, ignorant economic slaves going to stop whoring yourselves for what is the shitiest deal on the planet, the pay of an american soldier? Well, you could become an Ultra Oil Whore and sign up with Blackwater for 50 grand a month, but they only want the murderers that won't question what they are doing for decade or so. You know, when its too late to do anything about it.

From the slaughter of the Native Tribes of America to the slaughter of the Arab and Afghan Tribes today there has been nothing but genocide committed by american soldiers for american treasure and american treasure only. And don't give me that WW2 bullshit. It was american ruling elite's that financed the Nazis into power and supplied the materials to build the Nazi war machine with the secret permission of FDR who himself made sure that all Jews on the 1939 sailing of the passenger ship the St. Louis out of Germany ended up dying in Nazi extermination camps. WW2 was nothing but a business deal between white ruling elite's to create war and pillage . Henry Ford desperately wanted to stop Jewish migration to america so he gave 20 million dollars to the Nazis. Almost everyone at the top in america was in on it and you grunts at the bottom bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

And remember, they created huge amounts of unemployed workers in germany and in america prior to launching the WW2. Makes you wonder what they have planned now.

You can hang your hat on the Civil War if you want but that to could have been avoided as well. By the federal government buying all the slaves and giving them their freedom. Hell, wasn't it the federal government that declared the Black man 3/5s of a human being and then maintained slavery as a federal policy. The treasure spent on crushing the south has done nothing short of dividing america for 150 years which has kept america in a bubble of self imposed ignorance appeasing cracker aggression that has led to the ignorant crackers from all over america taking over the pentagon and ruling america with an iron fist.

It was american military sharp shooters that killed JFK after he signed an executive order to pull all and he meant all american troops out of Vietnam. It was the military that shot MLK and RFK and the students at Kent state.

It was the america military behind the attacks on 911 and you mother fuckers know it.

I am sick and tired of the american corporate media pretending to be on some higher ground when they pretend to honor the american dead when truth would make most american fall to the ground and vomit.

But thats the american way, put the blinders on and get the money. Even if it costs you your life. What was it you said to yourself when your boots hit the ground running in Afghanistan and Iraq. "Well, if I die, at least my family will get my death benefits!"

The great irony is that america's first black president in an act of absolute submission to the cracker led pentagon has become a cracker himself. Obama has handed Iraq's oil over to the oil companies that controlled it before the Iraqis nationalized the oil patch in 1972 and began spending the money they made from it on the education, health and welfare of the Iraqi people bringing them up from the american and british imposed poverty they were kept in.

Actually, the greatest irony is that, 50 thousand american soldiers will be stationed in Iraq until the oil runs out or the Iraqis kill far more americans soldiers than its worth to keep the oil. I wonder what that number actually is?

If the american soldiers still alive today truly wish to honor the dead, the only course forward is to arrest all of the politicians and military officers that set this immense war crime in motion, put them on trial, jail them for the rest of their lives and show the world that the america soldier actually does some sense of redemption and actually does have some sense honor left in his or her heart.


Why does it have to be one or the other?

Why do we have to mourn one group and not the other?

I spent the last few hours

I spent the last few hours reading the news from 9/11 to 10/14 2001. Fuck em I say. They had a month to turn over Bin Laden, and etc. You can say what you want about Iraq, we never belonged there, but Afghanistan!? You're a fucking idiot. Let em die, it's a better death than the 9/11 victims.

Don't you remember the videos of celebrations and American Flag burnings? I do.

Die in a grease fire.

I fucken love you! I'm

I fucken love you!
I'm 18/m.
I wish more people can wake up and smell the bullshit.
Did you know America gives Africa 15 billion every year and they give Israel the same amount to fund their Palestinian genocide, I'm sure American and Israel have something up their sleeve.
Americans are just fueling the corruption of the super powers and pretty soon the beast will awaken the beast.fuck the free world and the free market! The free market has never been free it is manipulate like a puppet and it survives because of its image. so remember what they are underneath the fancy architecture, glittering rented jewelry, the cars, the IMF loans, the seeds with suicide genes, 20 year contracts and oil bloody money. Build your defenses my independent brothers and sisters. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. They paint the 3rd world (underground) as savage and backward. But the super powers are no less corrupt; they've just learned to disguise it better, ‘cause they fix elections too, they embezzle tax money, they go to war for resources, they fund terrorism for their own benefit, and when there's enough at stake... history's taught us that they'll even assassinate their own president.

War is hell. But we veterans

War is hell. But we veterans of Iraq and/or Adghanistan had it easy compared to our fathers, grandfathers, etc. I was fortunate to be a Cavalry officer in combat. More importantly, I feel as though I am extremely blessed to have been involved in direct combat with enemies of the United States. There is a lot to be said about seeing the white of the eyes of our cowardous enemy (I say this because most people I fought covered their face like the pussies they are) just moments before there body is shredded by a 240B or SAF.

My point: I don't support all my political leaders push, but I automatically assume that my president (Bush, Obama, whoever) knows more about the situation than I do! I believe that we live in the best country on the face of this earth! If my president orders me to fight, I simply say, "yes sir."

War is hell. Death is sad. Until you have killed a person, you have no clue, and should not write about war. You have no clue!!!


Kill more iraq women and children!!! Fuck them all!! Fuck you back stabbing American fucks!! Fuck you lloyd!! Suck some tan iraqi dick!!!

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