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Foreign Missile Prompts Investigation in Philippines

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Foreign Missile Turns Out To Be American Drone

    Just a few short weeks ago a foreign missile was found in the coastal waters near Masbate, Philippines. The flying projectile was discovered by local fisherman who promptly informed police of their unlikely catch. The alleged weapon was confiscated by governmental authorities who conducted a thorough investigation of the item in question.
     Sources indicate that the missile is an American drone. Surprisingly the item was not designed for a military strike or for surveilance purposes. Instead, it is likely that the missile is a target drone that was used for American training purposes. Informants indicate that the missile was covered with barnacles and plankton so it is likely that it had been floating in the Philippine Sea for quite some time. It was also reported that the projectile was probably launched from Guam.
    The discovery was of significant interest in the Philippines as the historic relationship with the United States raises questions of an American breach of Philippine sovereignty Spokesmen for Banya Muno, a left-wing political party with a presence in the Masbate area were especially critical of American actions that led to the discovery of the missile. The occurrence however comes at a time when many analysts believe that caution and vigilance is required as the People's Republic of China has encroached upon island territories claimed by the Philippines, Japan and other Asian nations. It has also occurred as there have been recent reports of development in North Korea's weapons program. It has been said that the communist dictatorship is preparing to develop the capability to strike American interests in the contiguous United States, in Hawaii and at various sites in Asia, the Pacific Region and Oceania.