fbi/police crimes agaisnt my person

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See evidence of fbi/police crimes agaisnt me and coverup of same by Chancellor of UT and his associates.


About three years ago I documented multiple crimes against my person on the campus of the University of Texas, Harlingen, Texas. The UT police refused to accept my reports of criminal assault on my person by one Alonzo Yanez; then, the police at the behest of the fbi and military intelligence (Wolf) started a bogus criminal case on me and issued a "BOLO" in order to further harass me. The object of the operations was (and is ) to find a way to incarcerate me or to discreetly kill me by methods that I have previously outlined. Ultimately the Harlingen, Texas Police opened a case against the suspect, one Alonzo Yanez, based on the same events that the UT police refused to acknowledge and tried to cover up. The Harlingen Police report is shown here:

For evidence of the offenses by the police and their operatives see:


For evidence that the Chancellor of UT and others assisted the fbi/police in the unlawful operations see:


Here are the names of some of the police and their supporters who were engaged in the operations:

Michael Bleier
Richard R. Wilson (#66)
Michael R. Runnells (staff)

Around the same time a group of anonymous police thugs started an on-line campaign against me to attempt to discedit my reports:

For evidence of the fbi’s own serial (and self confessed) cyber stalker, the fraudulent J. Robert Upton, see his comments at:

See also:

In order to understand the role of the fbi/cia on the world stage, one must get to know the true character of the intel services and their continuing crimes against humanity.
Get to know the real federal burro of investigation (fbi) in my reports and drawings, and weep for mankind:

fbi as mafia:





fbi to target: we intend to...

usa global posture:


The fbi national academy trains assassins & creates serial killers.

Must prosecute the fbi/cia's own serial killers and murderers:


See the evidence that the 'fbi's organized crime task force' (and their associates within the fbi itself) are the new organized crime syndicate & pose the greatest threat to the United States of America in this century.



The names of the doctors who assist the fbi/cia in thier crimes must be added to this list:

Court documents are shown here:


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