Decisions reached on Occupy Philadelphia

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The occupation will begin at City Hall at 9:00am on Thursday, October 6th. Come one, come all! Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, heck, bring the family dog!
Updated with photos of meeting at Arch St Methodist.

The occupation will begin at City Hall at 9:00am on Thursday, October 6th.

Occupy Together has put together some down-loadable posters here.
Here are the Occupy Pennsylvania websites.

Now, I've always had a problem with the Cat Food Commission and don't have much use for Cat Food Commission II, or the Super Committee. But now it's become clear that the second iteration of the Cat Fod Commission is simply unable to produce a useful consensus. The Republican Party is holding firm on a no-cuts-to-the-military and no-tax-increases platform which means all of the automatic cuts will fall on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other socially vital program.
No, let's call for the complete elimination of the Commission.

Occupy Philadelphia meets and decides


The initial meeting on Thursday 29 September was going to be held at the Woden Shoe on South Street. The meeting place was quickly overcrowded, so the Arch Street Methodist Church offered its facilities.


filling the hall

A buddy of mine wrote and asked how many people there were at the Arch Street Methodist Church on Tuesday night (Oct 4th). I figured it was better to show than to tell.


lots & lots

Not sure how many people the church holds, but as you can see, even the standing room was pretty thoroughly filled.



This was interesting. We decided on Love Park, but then talked about it more and were told to talk amongst ourselves for a little while in order to really solidify and confirm the decision.



We discussed the place and finally decided that City Hall was an even better place. What are our demands? Eseentially, economic justice. The top 1% of income earners have been getting far too much of the national pie for far too long. Time to share the wealth a bit!



So the occupation begins at 9:00am on Thursday 6 October. See y'all there!