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Congo Rebels Capture Goma as UN Peacekeepers Watch

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M23 Seize Eastern City as UN Peacekeepers decide not to fight

 Rebel fighters known as the March 23rd Movement or M23 seized the eastern city of Goma as UN Peacekeepers watched from their armored vehicles. A UN spokesman justified the action as it was claimed that military confrontation would have purportedly placed the local civilian population at risk. As violence escalates however, there is fear that this war torn region of the world could cause the Democratic Republic of Congo to fragment. At the present time there is reason to believe that the M23 has received training and support from within nearby Rawanda as the Rebels are seen brandishing their Soviet era Kalishnikov rifles. The M23 has a reputation as a formidable fighting force that conducts its missions with great discipline. The armed forces of the DRC on the other hand has been criticized for its ineptitude. The government of Rawanda denies any involvement in the military takeover. But sources say that the desire to control the region to solidify commerce and control natural resources has been listed as a probable cause.