Cindy Sheehan makes a book tour stop in Philly

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Cindy Sheehan, who's currently travelling all over the country on her campaign, stopped off at the Tabernacle Church on Saturday. She is running for the position of Vice-President, to serve alongside Roseanne Barr as President. She and Barr are running against both "Blue Tie Scoundrel and Red Tie Scoundrel," i.e., Republicans and Democrats are indistinguishable. Update: Sheehan writes in to say that promoting her book was the main point of her current tour.

Cindy Sheehan

Sheehan spoke about war-related subjects, the up-coming election and about Republicans and Democrats in general. She also discussed her life during the time she came to national attention as the Gold Star Mother (So-titled because she lost a son in the Iraq War) who went down to G.W. Bush's ranch in Texas to confront him about "What is the noble cause that my son died for?" and her life afterwards. She questioned Obama's inclination to make peace and instead claimed he was just as much a war criminal as Bush ever was.

In her campaign blog, Sheehan discusses the case of

...Malala Yousufzai, the young female Pakistani who was allegedly shot by the Taliban for being vocal about her rights to an education. Malala is right and whoever shot her is wrong—period. However, the situation is tricky, because I don’t support ANYONE shooting ANYONE—but especially I abhor the shooting of a young lady who is fighting for her rights.

Yousufzai is a 15-year old blogger. She is currently recovering from being shot by the Pakistani Taliban (Who are amazed that their case for shooting her is not being taken seriously) and yes, Sheehan is right to point out that there are many children, equaly innocent, who have been killed by US drones and other anti-insurgent strategies (though I disagree with Sheehan's assertion that Obama had nothing to do with bringing the Iraq War to a more-or-less close, as Obama got together with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to force Presidetnt Bush to agree to the 2011 withdrawal). You can donate to Sheehan's campaign here.

Jon Gold
Jon Gold reads from his work on 9-11. Cindy feels along with Jon that there is strong evidence that 9-11 was arranged, probably so that Bush could set the stage for the invasion of Iraq and to pass the Patriot Act, among many other crimes against humanity. I found this presentation convincing as I have a number of unanswered questions about 9-11 myself.

Bill Perry
Delaware Valley Veterans for America founder Bill Perry speaks on Sheehan's abrupt decision to occupy the area near Bush's ranch in Texas and other engrossing subjects.


Thank You...

For this report on the event. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Truth be told, I didn't actually say flat out that they "arranged" 9/11. I actually said that I don't know what happened, but elements within our Government and others have more than earned the title of suspect for the crime of 9/11. Again, thanks for the write-up.

it wasn't a campaign stop either

it was an event for my book, Revolution, A Love Story....

faux 911.."suspicions"

Geez...is someone trying to sell a book here???. If yopu believe our government had ANYTHING to do with 911...you, in my opinion, are fools led by fooled fools

No Books Allowed - Thought Is Treason!

Of course, Our Government has never done anything wrong – except when it had the nerve to investigate our “above approach” Philadelphia Police Department and jail 15 of our “above approach” Stake-Out Team officers for corruption. But writing books – especially books that criticize or question Our Government and Our Military – why, that’s a crime punishable by death in this country, isn’t it?


Officer porkey...let me have it as to the Stakeout Officers "for corruption" your words.

The Guardian says

that Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen will appear in a 9-11Truther film, but hey, anyone who produces a book or movie or anything else about an event MUST be just trying to sell something! I notice that he says the same about anyone who writes about Mumia Abu Jamal. "[The writer] is just trying to sell books" is the accusation.


it the TRUTH or accusations when someone BENDS the facts of any truthful incident?

First off,

I completely accept your presumption that Hollywood is run by a bunch of money-hungry agents and movie stars who need to make payments on their mansions, yachts and cars. But second, I believe they both pay very close attention to public opinion and that they have concluded that there are enough people who don't accept the official version of 9-11 to fill lots and lots of movie theater seats.
They've also clearly concluded that, after ten+ years, the pro-official version of 9-11 people have made a weak enough case that there won't be much backlash from doing a movie that seriously questions the official version.
Sure, if you can show that either the Hollywood people or the pro-Abu Jamal people are bending the facts, then by all means make your case. But simply pointing out that they have a monetary motivation doesn't mean much of anything as it's very easy to BOTH have a monetary motivation AND to be speaking what one considers to be the truth.

Officer faulkner

In the event y'all forgot...today is the day Mumia Abu Jamal executed Officer Faulkner in the 1200 block of Locust street in Phila. Proven, Convicted and affirmed . For the TRUE facts of this execution, please go to DanielFaulkner.com RIP Danny.