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state sanctioned violence

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Given the blatant, state sanctioned police violence we're seeing brutalize Occupy and its supporters, are we increasingly facing the question of what America and its police have become? How far will our own government's violence against legitimate protest go?

US Declares War! On Democratic Dissent?
By Ritt Goldstein
Copyright November 2011
Permission to reprint with attribution and without alteration

The image of a group of quietly sitting, non-threatening students is what sticks with me, the students sitting together, huddled together in a way that recalled for me civilian victims of our planet’s past conflicts in the moments just prior to an expected attack. And the attack soon came, delivered by one from a ring of heavily armed men surrounding them in battle gear, a barrage of ‘toxic gas’ (pepper spray) fired onto their heads and into their faces at point-blank range.

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