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Hamid Karzai

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For a change targets in Afghanistan have names and life stories, instead of being depreciated in the US media as numbers. In the Armenian Genocide children under five were not attacked. One American in today's world saw a two-year-old as the enemy.

The media dwells on US victims of the Afghan War. Others can seem like numbers without names.


We think of negotiations as helping lessen domestic conflict but people once used negotiations to end or smooth transition when a war ends.

The dying can end with temporary autonomy surrounding Kabul. Maybe Chinese peacekeepers, subsidized by the US. Maybe too late for the US to stop making up lies about Iran, Iranian peacekeepers with a vestige stake at preventing compulsory burkas until Kabul became a financial nest egg like Hong Kong to China. The exuberance when Britain returned Hong Kong to China without them destroying the Golden economic Goose should be remembered.
Vietnam toppled the Khmer Rough bloodbath tor less reason than the US did Saddam, who had tried to assassinate a president, otherwise the US is in civil wars.


When the financial crisis struck America, many felt relieved with the new President’s quick bailout response and Obama's bring-us-together attitude, but the welcome wore thin with ever more people becoming upset with the bailout and Obama’s other policies. But recent similar bailout problems in Europe involving Greece makes Obama’s decisive actions look better in contrast.

Politicians arguing and finally agreeing to a bailout, only to discover they are too late, and have to go back to the drawing board to work on a greater bailout, wondering if it will be done in time to prevent further problems is what Hillary or McCain might have dealt with.  Wherever a bailout is patched together the rich end up a little richer and poor poorer, so some say revolution is the real answer but the killing of three bank tellers, unintentionally burned alive when a Greek bank was firebombed (whether provocateurs helped inspire it or not) temporarily cooled any idea among Greeks of revolution from the left, a left oriented revolution even less likely in any foreseeable future in the US.


Afghan President Karzai is organizing a large multidimensional peace conference starting May 2. However, the US wants an invasion of Kandahar first. Karzai would like a delay until the peace conference first tries to make peace. He has made some peace breakthroughs especially with former top Taliban supporting warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The attack on Kandahar is maybe more likely to lessen the peace opportunity than enhance it. In several ways the attack on Kandahar would be a major escalation of the war,


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