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Financial crash

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The political thriller "The Fourth Empire"

crisis, financial system:“THE FOURTH EMPIRE”
Jane Burgermeister


The political thriller “The Fourth Empire” explains the secrets of how our financial system really works.

The book strips back the veil to show you how finance is being used by a global elite to drive the people of Europe, the USA and UK into debt slavery.

Read the first chapter of this ground-breaking thriller.......


Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for Pecora-style Commission to investigate cause of "Great Recession"

The Pecora Commisson was established by the Senate Banking committee in 1932 to investigate the crash of 1929. It was named after Ferdinand Pecora, final chief counsel of the commission, who exposed -- among other things -- that J.P. Morgan hadn't paid taxes in years. The investigation led to the Securities Act of 1933, the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the creation of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1935.

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