Call for submissions for Pink and Black Attack #2

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A call for submissions for the second issue of Pink and Black Attack, a queer anarchist zine.

Pink and Black Attack, a queer anarchist periodical from Olympia, WA, is calling for submissions for our second issue! We're looking for essays, articles, news, poems, art, stories...anything by and for anti-assimilationist, anarchist queers!

Our submission deadline is April 15th, and the second issue is scheduled to be out in May.

E-mail submissions to pinkandblackattack@riseup.net

If you aren't familiar with us, check out issue #1 here: http://zinelibrary.info/pink-and-black-attack-1



Maybe I am late for the deadline submission, but I am still wait for the second issue.

When is the 3rd issue?

When is the 3rd issue?