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• Extrajudicial targeting/punishment violates the U.S. Constitution, and has enabled crimes against humanity. Government intelligence, security, law enforcement and revenue officials are said to be complicit.

Extrajudicial targeting/punishment violates the U.S. Constitution, and has enabled crimes against humanity. Government intelligence, security, law enforcement and revenue officials are said to be complicit.

Is Acting U.S. Attorney Laurie Magid aware of this judicial bypass -- or has the truth been concealed from her by agencies with a hidden ideological agenda?

Community gang stalking, menacing with a motor vehicle, surreptitious home entries, vandalism of property and personal effects, and covert assault with hi-tech microwave radiation weapons have been unconstitutionally decriminalized in communities throughout the nation under the convenient banner of the "war on terror"...

...as demonstrated by the Bush Justice Department "torture memos," which have been described as a blueprint for a police state.

Bush administration officials renounced the memos just days before the end of their term -- but fact is, the programs and policies that these memos deigned to justify continue under President Obama.

The Bush torture memos, some still secret, appear to have laid the groundwork for a repressive "extrajudicial punishment network" -- in effect, turning local police into secret agents acting on suspicions derived from "intelligence" that may have been supplied with ideological baggage attached.

Many innocent people have been "put on a list" by those who don't like their politics, their social activism, or their ethnic background. Persons slandered as "troublemakers, " "deviates," "mental defectives" or disloyal "dissidents" have been subject to years of persecution at the hands of their neighbors -- just as occurred in Nazi Germany in the years leading up to World War II and Hitler's "Final Solution."

(A former NSA analyst has revealed that journalists nationwide have been subject to 24/7 surveillance, a claim to which this reporter can attest).

A nationwide GPS satellite tracking network has been made available to "community gang stalkers" who hide behind federal- and county-funded volunteer organizations and public safety agencies such as fire departments and police auxiliaries.

These organizations provide taxpayer-funded vehicles and gasoline to local squads of hundreds of vigilante volunteers, who seem to delight in "swarming the target" when signal from a secreted GPS device planted in their vehicles shows up in the so-called "crown of evil" GPS video screen of the stalkers.

Some stalkers cause auto accidents and attempt to provoke confrontations that will draw police attention. The apparent motive: to portray the persecuted as mentally unbalanced.

This vehicle stalking causes a public safety hazard as vigilante squads violate the civil and human rights of their prey -- many, if not most, of whom are upstanding citizens who were wrongly, maliciously targeted.

Victims say the gang stalkers also make surreptitious entry into their homes to vandalize property and personal effects, and to leave tell-tale signs that the privacy of their targets has been violated -- a form of psychological harassment known as "gaslighting" (after the classic Ingrid Bergman movie Gaslight, in which an evil husband manipulates his wife's environment to make her think she is going crazy).

Every law enforcement agency in the nation is likely to know about the GPS-enabled stalking system and the community gang stalking -- what some insiders call "the torture matrix." The Bush torture memos specifically cited anti-stalking laws as being exempt from enforcement when "terrorism" was suspected.

Portraying the "targets" as mentally unsound also appears to be the goal of what amounts to an American "slow-kill" genocide: The covert assault of these "targeted individuals" with classified, hi-tech microwave radiation weapons and devices referred to by officialdom as supposedly non-lethal "directed energy weapons."

The benign nomenclature notwithstanding, these powerful microwave weapons can stun, injure, induce illness, and, depending on exposure levels, kill. Victims say the weapons are being used on the "targets" to induce symptoms of mental illness and cognitive impairment -- in a campaign to have them declared mentally ill and thus "neutralized."

These are crimes against humanity, enabled by federal programs and policies that have co-opted and corrupted local law enforcement, which is dependent upon federal funding from the agencies that devised these "programs of personal destruction."

It is time for local authorities to reclaim their autonomy, and their respect for Constitutional rights. There is a new administration in Washington, one that has pledged to uphold the Constitution.


This contagion extends from the D.C. corridors of power to communities and police/public safety departments nationwide -- which get much of their funding, and apparently, marching orders, from federal agencies.

Only executive branch action can quickly restore the rule of law in what has become a repressive, grassroots-based police state.

-- Vic Livingston

Columnist, NowPublic.com/scrivener; former reporter, Phila. Fox 29 News; New York Daily News; Philadelphia Bulletin, St. Petersburg Times

For more on "Gestapo USA" and the extrajudicial targeting and punishment network:




You must stop the use of

You must stop the use of directed energy weapons against innocent American civilians immediately. This crime is not merely unconstitutional, but more importantly, an egregious violation of basic human rights.

This kind of thing is going

This kind of thing is going on all over southwest Louisiana, Opelousas especially. People are issued National Security Letters and forced to comply in the harassment against targeted individuals. Another method is to entrap people, blackmail them, and threaten them with (more) jail time or exposure if they don't do what they are told.

Taxpayer funded gang stalking and electronic harassment

FBI is behind the gang stalking and electronic harassment. They
place the GPS Units on your vehicles and surround your residence with informant neighbors who gang stalk you (cointelpro). They have white surveillance vans that follow you and evesdrop on you everywhere you go and while I am at my house 24/7. I believe there are devices within the neighboring residences which produce electromagnetic fields because I have a electromagnetic field meter which measures greatly fluctulating readings all around the house. I believe they also have these devices in cars which they fire at you as you travel on the road. The gps units allow community groups and fire department personell to harass you as you travel on the road with red colored cars everywhere you go. I believe that the FBI is actively trying to frame me in Milwaukee WI by making me appear to be intentionally following people. When they realize that I am aware of them trying to frame me and I tell people about what I believe they are doing I get an increase of the electromagnetic field in my house giving me a headache. I have additionally been electronically tased and multiply struck with some sort of energy weapon causing a burning sensation on various parts of my body.

I am writing from Sweden.

I am writing from Sweden. writing not as a victim of this kind of extrajudicial crimes, but as a pepetrator. I have to follow the instructions in order to keep my job as a teacher. When even I am requested by the undercover swedish police (Stasi- and gestapo-like police in Sweden) to recruit students to stalk and persecute a target person, i have to obey the command. I have to do it or I will also be targeted. I am sory for the victims of my actions.

Ronald Stade
email: rss@mah.se