BTL:Single-Payer Advocates Favor High Court Overturning Obama Individual Mandate

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Interview with Dr. Margaret Flowers, Maryland pediatrician and member of Physicians for a National Health Program, conducted by Scott Harris

The fate of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act hangs in the balance as the Supreme Court Justices set aside three days, ending on March 28, to hear arguments from opponents of the controversial health insurance reform law. The justices will hear arguments centered on four issues filed in multiple lawsuits by 26 states and other opponents. The first issue was whether the court has jurisdiction to hear the case, given that as no one will pay the new law’s tax penalty until 2015. The second and most important issue deals with the constitutionality of the law's requirement that all U.S. residents either buy insurance or pay a tax penalty. The third issue focuses on whether the law’s expansion of Medicaid unlawfully forces states to participate. And the fourth issue will examine if any part of the health reform law can survive if the individual mandate is struck down. 
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