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Bans and Threats For Posting My Reports

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Free speech is often undermined when government operatives control some Indy Media groups and public message boards. See a few examples in this report.

 Threats and Bans Globally For Posting My   Reports of fbi/cia/police Atrocities
 Many public message boards & Indy groups (such as Colorado Indymedia, Miami Indymedia & *dailymail.co.uk),
et al  ban & threaten this author at the direction of the criminals in the fbi/cia. My reports focus primarily on the assassins of the police and fbi/cia and their ongoing atrocities against Targets  globally.
In some instances I document evidence of American intelligence community’s fraud on and manipulation of the financial markets, particularly in the largely unregulated (by design) futures markets:
MSN permanently banned me for reporting evidence of such destructive financial chicanery:
Yahoo also banned me from all message & news boards for the ‘’content’’ of my reports.
The main purpose for this report is to suggest that public news boards on line and the major search engines are now being controlled in part by the very criminals in government who engage in the global crime spree (or cover up thereof) that I labor to document; thus, as the world slips into an abyss of tyranny and murderous oppression at the hands of evil doers (such as those in the fbi/cia) one must necessarily place partial blame for such in the controllers of media who prevent large sections of the population from viewing reports such as mine.
Another source of responsibility for blocking reports of atrocities are the local police and universities, etc.  who, acting as de facto fbi operatives, threaten to arrest and prosecute this reporter for his postings.
Finally, the fbi/cia have on line operatives whose duty is to disparage my posts and to engage in ad hominem attacks:
Here is an example of on line sneaks pretending to engage in proper discourse, while undermining legitimate posts.
By: Zaius-PhD
             “I hope the NWO throws you in a hole and we never have to hear your ranting again.
                           And here is the hate message that prompted this report:
*from moderation@dailymailonline.co.uk
to gsosbee@gmail.com
dateWed, Jun 15, 2011 at 4:23 AM
subjectUser has been banned.
moderation@dailymailonline.co.uk to me
show details 4:23 AM (4 hours ago)
Your account has been permanently de- activated for going against the Community Guidelines.
You are no longer allowed to post on the Daily Mail or other Associated Newspapers Ltd sites using this or any other user. Please be advised that should you post again we reserve the right to contact your ISP/employer and seek that action is taken against you.
Senior Community Editor
Daily Mail
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Free Speech

After reading your articles and posts, I have to agree with those who have banned you. Your posts and articles seem to be in the vein of Johnny Wizard and Bobby Meade. In other words they are disjointed, incoherent and unbelievable. To postulate that indymedia is run by the feds is beyond stupid. Take a hint, or in your case, hundreds of hints, and take a hike.

LD mr upton

To:Poultry Upton
I believe that I understand your problem, little man, and I pity you for your membership in the ranks of the LD.


No pity required

Whatever my problem, at least I am not a whining loser who isn't capable of rational thought like you. Don't know what LD is, and since it is something from your wacky ass brain, I don't want to know. When you are banned from so many places because of your asinine posts, you might want to check yourself to see if maybe, possibly you are the one with the problem. Whine on, dude.

Just see the evidence and ignore the shill

Mr. Upton uses an alias to hide his shill status for the fbi assassins.
See my report supported by overwhelming evidence of the fbi/cia (etc.) efforts to attack innocent persons and others via *inhumane methodology.

For over a decade I have presented evidence that the fbi/cia and their affiliates globally are terrorists who use high technology (both IT and Bio-Chem, etc.)and low minded thugs and assassins to carry out torture, imprisonment or murder against selected Targets such as me. Today I deduce that many persons in the world have now confirmed my reports of atrocities committed by the ***Nazi-like United States War machine (led by fbi/cia/nsa,Congress,President, etc.)and that various informed individuals also document their own testimony on this vital subject of human rights violations. For example see the excerpt below followed by links to sites with corroborating evidence of these atrocities; **then ask whether or not one may support the inhumane subjugation of human kind in the manner presented herein:


"Un-skirt U.S. Government's Daily Worldwide Secret Unsuspected Satellite Mind Control Technology Attack Activities, & Its Coherency with Its Echelon Global Spy System."

"U.S citizens are selected at random for terrible secret experiments and abuses, particularly in this top classified covered-up project. Those who seriously challenge the corrupt system face secretly covert harassment and abuses, threatening always-on explicitly and implicitly.....
...U.S. space-based torture, space-based privacy breaking, space-based territory violation unsuspected technology with satellite carriers."







Thank You.
geral sosbee

fbi assassins as perpetrators & shills

In order to understand the very sick minds of the fbi/cia/police assassins and serial killers, one need look no further than the hateful and vulgar comments of the little guy who pretends to be Mr. Upton; for I consider him to be a perpetrator. Read his posts carefully (and consider my comments) to discover that he may be involved deeply in the assaults on my person as set forth in my website at

See his other hate messages at:



I pose the following rhetorical question on behalf of the Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized:

What duty do we (you and I, now) owe to all of mankind, to humanity, as we discover that a corrupt and murderous band of thugs and their misguided supporters ( whether private or government sponsored, such as those in the fbi/cia ) systematically, routinely and often ritually threaten, torture, imprison and kill our brothers and sisters around the globe?

Stand up to the tyrants and suffer the consequences ourselves in our time, or slink from all sense of Right and leave the ever worsening task for the next generation which may be even less prepared than we for the slightest of heroic deeds.

History now records for all times our names, each of us, individually, in a real as opposed to a rhetorical sense and the manner by which we answer the above question.




Are you on some kind of illegal drug? Sure looks that way.

More On fbi Assassin Upton Here:

fbi operative/assassin Upton responds: