About Caipirinha, Lucy Lawless and Passion – Ariane Kranz 'divides and conquers' with songs about women

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Ariane Kranz: "There's probably never been a song like this before and I'm going way out on a limb with the lyrics. It might even cause a stir."

Ariane Kranz loves solitude because it stimulates her creativity. In such moments, the result is a composition like "Caipirinha", which meanwhile, is being used by half the Internet and has started to pop up everywhere. Video fans from all over the world are using bootleg time-stretched versions of "Caipirinha" as playback for their animation films. "I have the impression that every anime and manga figure on the Internet is dancing to Caipirinha", sighs the music producer from Berlin. "This whole phenomenon surprises me because "Caipirinha" was released in 2005 with CARINHO singing it. It was a dancefloor filler in Germany, Majorca and Ibiza, was put on the market in the Philippines and Japan and finally has reached the point where it is today."

Ariane's new project is a different story altogether. Originally intended for a well-known artist, Ariane ended up doing the vocals herself: "The SHECOMES project is still in its development phase but the level of attention it has created has taken us by surprise. My promoter, who also has quite a number of success stories under his belt, encouraged me to stick to the studio project. Actually, I had pictured the whole thing with somebody else, but unfortunately the deal fell through. But since there was already considerable interest, we decided to release the first title, "Love of my life (48 girls)", with me as the vocalist."

Another title from SHECOMES, "Lucille (A Girl Named Lucy Lawless)", will be released shortly. Whether it refers to the New Zealand actress of the same name remains unclear. Ariane's short reply to that question: "Lucy Lawless is a fascinating woman."

(In case it does refer to this actress – she is known for her role as Xena in XENA: Warrior Princess and is currently playing in the TV series, SPARTACUS: Blood and Sand.)

"There's probably never been a song like this before and I'm going way out on a limb with the lyrics. It might even cause a stir", says Ariane. "In any case, it is a passionate declaration inspired by an encounter. A little while back I flew to London to see the concert of a singing actress. I was told that I had to see her live. The result was that I left the show completely unimpressed. Artistically speaking, I had been expecting more. However, a few weeks later, to my surprise, I discovered that I was completely captivated by her. And it was this feeling of captivation that I used to write this song. Maybe using a well-known name as part of the title seems like just a gimmick to get attention. Maybe … but it is also poetic and it certainly will not be a disadvantage to anybody by the name of Lucy Lawless."

In the meantime, Ariane Kranz has her own solid fanbase. In addition to her musical activities, she is the producer of a popular radio show which she also hosts together with a colleague. "I love illusion, staging and passion and I pursue my goals intensively. Some of them right in the public eye." When asked what her goals were, she replied with a wink: "An evening with Lucy Lawless?"

(audioway, www.shecomes.info)



Here is a short video with

Here is a short video with Lucy Lawless and Ariane Kranz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVU1yFdtuh4