About PhillyIMC

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1. What is PhillyIMC?


The Philadelphia Independent Media Center (PhillyIMC) is a grassroots news organization serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

PhillyIMC is also the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network. PhillyIMC was among the first of over 200 Indymedia centers that have sprung up in cities across the U.S. and in over 50 countries world wide.

PhillyIMC seeks to play a major role in social, economic, and environmental justice movements by creating alternatives to the profit- driven agenda of the corporate media and providing an open forum for the "passionate and accurate tellings of truth."

PhillyIMC includes a website (phillyimc.org), radio station (Radio Volta), and community center and performance space (LAVA).

2. How do I get involved?


PhillyIMC needs you!

PhillyIMC is possible because of the work of dozens of volunteers who believe in the power of participatory media. PhillyIMC needs the contributions of people with all kinds of interests, experience, and skills.

Visit our Get Involved page for details!

3. How do I publish?


a. Open Publishing

PhillyIMC is founded on the principle of open publishing. Open publishing provides anyone a chance to post media about issues and events that are important to them and their community. Currently our website is driven by the contributions to our open publishing newswire.

b. Newswire

To publish media, visit www.phillyimc.org and click 'Publish Your News!". Your story will appear on our open newswire. Stories appear in sequential order. Older stories are stored in our newswire archive.

Before publishing, it is a good idea to read our Editorial Policy, as posts that break this policy will be removed.

c. Features

The features section, the center column of the site, is chosen by the Webeditorial working group. Most stories are elevated from the newswire to the features section. Some stories are posted directly by members of Webeditorial.

4. Webeditorial


The Webeditorial manages the content on the PhillyIMC.org website. This includes overseeing the newswire, editing and posting features, and working with writers to develop their stories. For more information on the Webeditorial, click here.